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Health is the root of
all happiness

medQ is single & multi speciality platform to provide all kind of medical and healthcare related services. Its design and developed by ABIX GLOBAL Pvt Ltd.

Its first time a user get to a multi services in a sigle platform where they can get services of Doctors, Hospitals, Multi Specialities, Clinics, Pharmacies, Labs& Diagnosis centers, Doctors Online Consultations, Online Medical Counselling, Online Medi Store, Emergency Medical Services, Doctors At Home Services, Nurses at Home, Government Hospital Information. Now user dont need multiple applications for their different medical use, only they need to download medQ to get all medical services. To connect all medical services in single application is our long motto, where we connect medical experts services in effective manner.

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To provide innovative product and services in this digital era, ABIX GLOBAL GROUP is pioneer front in Innovation, Integration and Implimentation. ABIX GLOBAL Pvt Ltd incorported in 2019 to reserch different Technical aspects to develop and provide better innovative product and services.

medQ is one of the best innovative mobile application by ABIX GLOBAL TEAM to provide many medical and Health Care services in single platform so that the user only need to down load a sigle application to get all kind of medical & Health care related services.

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