medQ is India's first healthcare aggregating app
& Smart ecosystem...


medQ is India's first healthcare
aggregating app & Smart ecosystem...

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ABIX GLOBAL GROUP is a prominent business research company that has expanded into the realm of health tech. Founded by Adish Chakyery, a postgraduate in business management, along with IT expert Shamna and Dr. Harshad, the company is now venturing into IT-enabled projects within the healthcare sector. Their focus on leveraging technology to enhance healthcare services reflects their commitment to innovation and improving the industry.

ABIX GLOBAL GROUP's expansion into various business segments like retail, real estate, and agritech indicates their diverse approach to developing innovative business ideas. This demonstrates their adaptability and vision to apply their expertise beyond the healthcare sector, contributing to advancements and growth in multiple industries.


medQ emerges as a visionary IT startup, illuminating a path toward a smarter healthcare ecosystem under ABIX GLOBAL GROUP. medQ stands as a testament to the fusion of innovation and medical acumen. Fueled by a passion for innovation and a commitment to improve healthcare access medQ's journey began in 2012, Sparked by a shared vision to aggregate medical resources medQ pioneered an integrated mobile application. The inception of medQ was not merely a stroke of luck, but rather a meticulous culmination of research and dedication. In 2012, the co-founders Adish, Shamna, and Dr Harshad embarked on a mission to bridge the gap between medical service providers and patients. This marked the birth of a medical aggregating company that envisions a healthcare system bolstered by connectivity.

The real essence of medQ came alive in 2017 when the trio embarked on the development of an integrated mobile application that would revolutionize healthcare services. In 2022, medQ reached a pinnacle moment by unveiling the much-anticipated final version of their integrated mobile application. This marked the culmination of years of hard work, iterative improvements, and a commitment to realizing their vision. The app's launch resonated far beyond the realm of technology; it signalled the dawn of a new era in healthcare—one where technology and compassion converged. As medQ continues to grow and adapt, its founders remain committed to their mission of revolutionizing healthcare. Adish, Shamna, and Dr. Harshad, armed with their shared passion and boundless ambition, have shaped an IT startup that extends far beyond conventional boundaries.

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